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Income planning

Are you planning on retiring soon? Are you being forced out of your current job? Are you finalizing a divorce? Have you become disabled? Have you come into an unexpected windfall due to inheritance or other reason?

We specialize in developing a strategy for investors who need monthly income to enjoy their current lifestyle. There are various reasons for implementing a strategic income plan, which include but are not limited to, divorce, disability, supplemental due to economic circumstances, and of course, retirement.

You have spent a good portion of your life preparing for this phase. You have built your retirement plans, investments, pensions, savings and more. Soon you will not be receiving a paycheck anymore. How are you going to get the income you need from the assets that you’ve acquired? It is like a giant puzzle that we help you put together. Because there are so many different options and investments that you have, there is a strategic way to put them all together to get you income that you need.

Related to their income potential clients typically ask us questions such as:

  • How much income can I expect to get from my current investments?
  • What are the appropriate investments to achieving my desired income?
  • Are my income expectations too high or low?
  • Is there a chance that I may outlive my income?
  • What about the effects of inflation on my income?
  • Should I use my 401(k), IRA or other assets?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • I have a pension, and I would like to know what the best option is for me?
  • What are the tax implications of these decisions?

We have a tremendous amount of experience in answering these questions as well as actually implementing custom income plans for many clients with different needs. Our income planning techniques and experience allow us a very independent approach to this complex puzzle, one which every investor faces during their life. We use a variety of strategies that are based on the following client criteria:

  • Assets inside an IRA or 401(k) plan?
  • Assets outside a retirement plan
  • Pension
  • Age
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Tax bracket
  • State of residence
  • Social Security

Income investments that we use may include but are not limited to, Individual Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Mutual funds, Closed end Funds, Real Estate, master limited partnerships, senior bank loan funds, annuities, Business Development companies, dividend paying stocks of both domestic and foreign companies, preferred stocks, and ETF's (exchange traded funds).

Our goal is to create the maximum income stream that is needed with the lowest possible tax implications, while allowing for future growth to offset the impact of rising prices and costs of living.

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