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IRAs l 401ks

Welcome to our IRA information page! 

For many investors assets inside of IRA accounts hold the largest part of their net worth. While investors have a tremendous amount of money inside if these plans, many lack understanding of the rules and regulations on how these accounts work. Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, 457 plans are all different. Seeking out someone who not only knows the difference between them, but how to take advantage of those differences could be extremely beneficial. 

Should you contribute to an IRA or a Roth IRA? How long do you have to have to have money in a Roth IRA to take out tax free gains? Should you roll over your current 401(k) to an IRA? Why? These are just a few of the questions that we answer on a daily basis to clients who need straightforward and informed answers. 

IRAs ARE DIFFERENT Than All Other Assets!!!! 

Here are just some of the reasons why: 

  • IRAs have their own set of complex distribution rules both during life and after death. 

  • IRA distributions can incur tax penalties. 

  • IRA investment gains receive no capital gains tax rates. 

  • IRAs cannot be owned jointly, like other property can be owned. 

  • IRAs cannot be transferred into trust during lifetime. 

  • IRAs are beneficiary form driven- not dictated by your will with respect to estate planning and must be integrated properly within the overall estate plan that includes non IRA assets.

As advisors specializing in retirement income planning, we are well educated in the rules and regulations on IRA accounts as well as IRA distribution planning. 

Christopher Kamnitsis is a Master Elite Advisor with Ed Slott's IRA Advisor Group, an exclusive organization of financial advisors who are dedicated to being leaders in the IRA industry. Ed Slott is a nationally recognized author and speaker on the subject of IRAs. He is frequently on television and is the go-to person regarding IRAs for many media outlets. He has authored multiple best selling books on IRAs and was named “best source for IRA advice” by the Wall St. Journal.

Throughout our website you will find a tremendous amount of resources and information about IRAs to help answer many questions. As always, you can always contact us with your detailed questions or to set up an appointment to go over your specific situation. 

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