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Our Process

1. Discovery Phase:

Our process begins with a comprehensive discovery phase designed to explore your unique and personal situation. We gather information and start dialogue that will facilitate the process of getting to know each other. The goal in the Discovery Phase is to establish a mutual understanding, assuring that we are on the same page. This helps us to make the proper recommendations based on the information gathered.

In the Discovery Phase we:

  • Work closely with you to determine your goals
  • Gather information
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Review your family’s entire financial situation

2. Planning Phase:

Once we understand your goals and objectives, the team meets to discuss your case in detail. We collaborate and share ideas and best practices to insure that your situation is getting looked at from all possible angles and perspectives.

In the Planning Phase we:

  • Take the information gathered and layout the framework of your plan
  • Collaborate and discuss your specific situation as a team
  • Consult with various individuals on the team regarding particular areas of specialty
  • Develop a plan to help you work toward your goals
  • Set a timeline for implementation

3. Implementation Phase:

The next phase involves fine tuning and implementing the plan. A typical implementation can take many weeks and a multitude of meetings. In this phase, the plan is presented and we make any early adjustments to be sure the plan is in tune with the clients expectations.

In the Planning Phase we:

  • Present the plan and come to an agreement on moving forward
  • Make any final adjustments prior to rolling out the plan
  • Proceed with paperwork and formal documentation
  • Follow through with plan and insure everything has been correctly implemented

4. Maintenance Phase:

In this final and ongoing phase we monitor your investments and make sure that they conform to your plan. As situations change, we recommend adjustments accordingly. We periodically review with the client to make sure that we maintain a perpetual dialogue and that the client remains satisfied with their current financial situation.

In the Maintenance Phase we:

  • Monitor your investments and changes within the financial landscape that could affect them
  • Regularly review your unique and personal situation
  • Adapt to your changing needs or any unforeseen events
  • Remain readily available to answer any immediate questions or concerns via phone or meeting
  • Make changes to your strategy where necessary